Year 6 Transition Survey Results 2017

Thank you, Year 6 Parents 22 / 89 parents returned the transition questionnaire (25%)


You said

We will

My child had enough homework to help them prepare for SATs?

77% of parents think we sent enough homework to help their child prepare for SATs.

Make sure the Year 6 children don’t leave their homework in their tray so it goes home.

My child completed homework activities throughout the year?

86% of parents told us their child completed homework activities.


Does the information (in general) that we send out via Facebook, newsletters on website, flyers & Year group curriculum overview reach you?

86% of parents tell us that information reaches them using the systems we have in place.


How can we improve our communication?




One dad does not like the amount of texts we send – too many.

Flyers get left in children’s bags

Some phone calls are not returned

We can change the first person contact details if you let us know so that texts go to the other parent.


We will try to return calls at the requested time when we can.

Did you receive enough information from the Local Secondary Schools to make a decision about where your son/ daughter should go?

77% of parents agreed that they did have enough information to make a decision about the secondary school to send their child to.


Does your child feel confident starting their new school in September after the transition events they have attended?    

91% of parents agreed their child is confident to start in their new school.


Do you feel you have had enough opportunities to meet the staff at the Secondary school of your choice?

Only 36% of parents agreed with this

This information has been shared with Newall Green High School & MEA.

What else if anything could have been done to help your child prepare for the move?

3 parents suggested more transition days

2 parents commented that their child found the experience overwhelming as they had been separated from their friends.

One parent changed their child’s school choice due to the lack of communication over their child’s SEN needs.



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