Special Educational Needs

  • The development and progress of each child is monitored regularly. Children who do not make nationally expected levels of progress will be placed on the school SEN Register.
  • Their teacher will devise a Provision Plan or a SEP (Social Emotional Plan) for them.
  • Parents will always be contacted and invited into school for discussion first, before any decision is made about their child.
  • The SEN register has three levels ; Class Action, School Action and EHC/Statutory Assessment.
  • Sometimes outside agencies eg. Sensory Support Service  might come in  to support  a child alongside school.
  • All information about a child’s special needs is confidential and only disclosed to the people involved with provision for that child.
  • Newall Green is an inclusive school and wherever possible we will adapt events and activities to meet every child’s needs. 

Our full Inclusion Policy is available to download on our Policies page


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