School Report Survey 2017

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback we had 105 returned forms this is 21% of the families in school.




I have had a copy of my child’s school report?


100% of the 105 parents had received a report.


I found the information easy to understand?


100% found the reports information easy to understand.


I know how to help my child with their learning?


94% know how to help their child to learn.


My child has enough homework?


90% thought we gave out enough homework.


I know how to help my child with their homework?


100% knew how to help with homework.


I would like to come into school and find out how to help my child?


44% of the parents thought they would like to come in for more support helping their child to learn.


The information I receive from school, about ways to help my child learn, is clear?

89% of parents are happy with the information we give out to support learning.



Please let us know of any ideas you have to help us improve our communication to you.






The ideas shared are

  1. More information about progress on reports
  2. Weekly reports about what the children have done would be nice.
  3. Longer appointments at parents evening
  4. More information in school diaries
  5. Attendance levels affecting the overall achievement
  6. The dad who knows everything (apparently) sometimes finds homework difficult to understand so can we make it clearer? – his wife said.
  7. More notice for dress up days
  1. Give parents notice about Governors meetings so that the Governor Representatives can ask questions on their behalf.
  2. The reading record helps parents with supporting reading by the comments teachers leave for parents – can we do the same for homework.
  3. Quarterly progress meetings with parents
  4. A slip each week so we know what children are learning and how we can support at home.
  5. Advanced notice on sports day and events.
  6. Information given with homework so that parents can help child.

We will

  1. Explain how the report shows progress.
  2. Make sure parents receive half termly topic newsletters with examples and useful email links
  1. Look at how we can use school diaries to share more information.
  1. Try to set dress up day dates at the start of the year so there is advanced warning.
  2. Text to let parents know when governors meetings are and tell parents how to send in questions.

Please let us know of any ideas you have to help us give you the skills to help your child with their learning.







Ø  More year 6 homework to prepare for high school.

Ø  More support for parents who do not speak English to help their child learn.

Ø  Support for working parents outside of school hours.

Ø  More information on topics so we can help at home.

Ø  Workshops, how to sheets & list of useful websites & examples for parents to help child.

Ø  We will investigate using interpreters for parents meetings. If any parent knows of someone who can help with this or feels confident themselves to interpret please let us know?



Currently we send information via text, newsletter, school website  School App & Facebook. The newsletter is either a hard copy which can be obtained from the school office or a copy attached to the School App or found on the school website. Dates, events and reminders are also sent this way. We will make topic newsletters half termly and send them home in the same way as newsletters.

We asked for parental views about sending newsletters home in a hard copy and most parents agreed with the above system – which saves us lots of paper.

v  Target sharing mornings are half termly but we will send a text reminder so that parents can come into look at the books & share the new targets. The next target sharing morning is booked in for week 7 (16/10/17.)

v  Parents of pupils in Nursery, Reception, Y1 & Y2 can see the teacher each morning and work with their child to help their child learn through the shared morning tasks. Y3 parents can spend the first week in year 3 meeting the new teachers and settling their child into their new class in Key Stage 2.

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