Pupil Premium Allocation

‚ÄčPupil Premium Allocation 2017-2018

The Pupil Premium Grant was introduced in April 2011, and is paid by means of a specific grant allocated by the government which is based on the school census figures for pupils registered as being eligible for the funding. It is up to the school to decide how the grant is spent but the outcome of spending the grant needs to be an additional provision made for the identified individuals. This year, 2017-2018, school received £538,718.00 as we have 55% of children entitled to Pupil Premium and we have 8 looked After Children (LAC) who have an entitlement to Pupil Premium.

Our objectives : the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) will be used to provide additional educational support which will improve the progress and raise the standard of attainment for disadvantaged pupils. In 2016-2017 we were able to track and monitor the attainment gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium children. This allowed us to see which interventions worked well and helped our children to progress and have significant impact in their education. From this knowledge we have planned the spend for 2017-2018 as follows:

Total disadvantaged money £538,718.00                                  55% of children in school eligible for PPG



  Additional benefits

1. Raise the attainment of disadvantaged children  throughout the school.


Cost £128,249


1.       Support provision (Acorn Room x 2, Tardis ) for pp & LAC children

2.       Booster groups within each year group provided by small group support.

3.       Run four year 6 classes instead of the usual 3 classes.

4.       Speech and language therapist

5.       Allocated Speech and Language support Teaching assistant


1.       Small group working

2.       Targeted support

3.       Screening for learning needs to take place

4.       Use of additional resources

5.       Support for parents of children within intervention rooms.

6.       Developing speech and language skills of identified children.

2. Help disadvantaged pupils with social and emotional issues


Cost £33,978.50

6.       Star Room providing Social Emotional support for small groups of children.

7.       School Social Worker


7.       Anger management groups

8.       Friendship groups

9.       Transition groups

10.   Parent / child support to address home / school issues.

3. Attendance


Cost £62,581.98


8.       Attendance Officers

9.       Walking bus – morning and evening service

10.   Attendance support team

11.   Pupil absent management system

12.   Early morning calls

13.   Monitoring children at risk of being persistently absent

14.   Home visits

15.   Emergency  drop off and pick up service

16.   Parent support meetings

17.   Rewards for good attendance

4. Support for parents.


Cost £73,709


11.   Parent support officer

12.   Pupil Premium Administrator

13.   Supply of Uniform where needed

14. Extra-curricular activities for identified children.

15.   After school club support for identified children.

16.   Child Protection Officer

17.   School nurse – supports parents with child health, advice & teaches various health related topics to children.

18.   Daily parent drop in time to solve issues

19.   Adult education courses

20.   Behaviour support for parents

21.   Housing/finance/ICT support

22.   Child care support

23.   Developing learning opportunities that improve educational skills

5. Work readiness


Cost £43,542.50


18.   St John’s ambulance training year 6

19.   Year 6 Residential

20.   Manchester City Coach

21.   Crucial Crew Life Skills

24.   First Aid Skills

25.   Team Building

26.   Outdoor learning

27.   Careers advice

28.   Boosting confidence and self -worth

29.   Develop work life decision making.

Individual support is monitored termly and tracked using Provision Map Writer, this will take up the difference in income to spend listed above.  Monies left to be allocated = £196,657.02


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