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Alcohol and Drug Information in Primary Schools

We are currently looking at how we deliver our PSHE lessons. A school's role in prevention is much broader than alcohol and drug education lessons. Research shows that the links between educational detachment and the use of alcohol and drugs at an early age are very clear: a young person's attachment to school is a powerful protective factor which makes them resilient against substance misuse. This is strengthened by a positive and supportive school ethos, as well as the provision of quality PSHE education. Schools are also well placed to intervene early if a young person's alcohol or drug use is causing problems. As well as their schools and homes, young people's communities play an important role in building their resilience and preventing substance misuse.

Good alcohol and drug education

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To have an impact, alcohol and drug education must:

  • enable young people to think about their personal attitudes and values which will underline their decisions about drug use.
  • develop young people's skills to manage the sort of situations they will face (for example making decisions, negotiating and communicating effectively) and to cope with stress or anxiety without resorting to alcohol or drugs.
  • challenge young people's misconceptions of how normal and acceptable substance use is among their peers and among older teenagers

A strong school alcohol and drug policy can support pupils' wellbeing, behaviour and safety and can ensure that schools are doing what they need to in order to:

  • be sure that the school can manage alcohol and drug incidents with confidence and consistency;
  • deliver high quality age appropriate PSHE education that makes a clear contribution to pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;
  • demonstrate to Ofsted that the behaviour and safety of pupils is 'good' or 'outstanding' and they understand how to manage risks;
  • fulfil the school's statutory duty to promote all pupils’ wellbeing, including for those who are at risk from their own substance use or that of someone in their family.

As a school our aim is to provide lesson plans for all year groups across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which ensure that a safe and supportive learning environment is created through the use of ground rules and teacher guidance. Covering many different aspects of drug and alcohol education for use in the primary setting using learning activities which are child-centred and match the needs of learners.

Links to services in Manchester:

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FRANK - Friendly, Confidential Drugs Advice

Drug Addiction NHS - NHS Website for advice & support

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