Eco Schools Award

An Newall Green Primary we are currently in the process of trying to earn a Silver Eco Schools Award. The process is as follows:

Currently we have investigated what our carbon foot print is and made sure we learn how to reduce our carbon footprint in our lessons. We are working on reducing waste, through turning off lights, recycling paper, cans, litter and food. We are also making our environment healthier by asking parents to switch off their car engines as they drop their children at school and parking away from school. The Eco council have made posters to inform parents about this.

We are also going to be planting bulbs and seeds that will grow into plants that attract more wild life into the school grounds as this was something Mr Whitehouse was very keen to do.

We are waiting for our specially commisioned Eco-Council sweatshirts to arrive and will post of photo as soon as they do. Further information about the Eco-Schools Awards can be found here:

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