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Dear Parents & Carers,
Re: Edenred FSM vouchers
Please accept our apologies for the delay in some of you receiving your vouchers. Lisa, Kath and Dianne are doing everything possible to organise them however, the Edenred ordering system is not fit for purpose.
We are aware of the delay, as vouchers requested on the 17/4 have not yet been processed. This means that new requests cannot be made. We are unable to contact the company to sort these difficulties out easily. Lisa spent 11 hours in a queue to log on, when she did an error code threw her back off the website.
I have been in contact with Mike Kane (MP) and Kate Green (MP) to share the frustrations we are having and they are taking this information back to the Ministers as we are not the only school experiencing these problems.
In the mean time we have grab bags available daily that can be picked up from The Whitehouse Centre at school. We can also organise food bank vouchers if needed - please ring school and we will organise this for you.
We will keep you updated as much as we can.
Sarah Rudd

By Lisa Redford on 28th April, 2020

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