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There is one vacancy for a Parent Governor to serve on the Governing Body of Newall Green Primary School. Closing date for nominations is Friday 28 April 2017. 

The powers and responsibilities of Governors require Governors to act in a strategic role for the school and be accountable for their responsibilities. The role requires you to:

•Help to decide the priorities for improving the school
•Make yourself available to parents, listen to other parents’ opinions and take account of them as you contribute to governors’ decisions
•Work in partnership with the headteacher, senior leadership team and co-operatively with other governors to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children
•Prepare for meetings by reading papers beforehand

Links below will take you to the form which explains how you can be nominated to stand for election, or how to nominate another parent. Please also write a brief statement about yourself to help parents to decide who to vote for (if an election is needed). Your child’s Headteacher can help you produce such a statement. If all candidates are agreeable, Headteachers will also arrange meetings in school before the election date to allow Parents to ask candidates about why they wish to represent them on the Governing Body.

Governors are not expected to be instant experts. Successful candidates will be provided with relevant information, by the school, once they are elected, and it is expected that they will take part in training events to help them learn about their role. 
Remember, decisions taken by the Governing Body will affect your child’s future education. To make sure you have a voice in that decision making, please make every effort to take part in these elections.

If you want further advice, please speak to your child’s Headteacher, the Chair of Governors or the Clerk to the Governing Body.
Yours faithfully,

Marilyn Peak
Chair of Governors

By Lisa Redford on 25th April, 2017

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